Repotting Mat for Indoor Plant Transplanting and Mess Control 27"X 27" Thickened Waterproof Potting Tray Foldable Succulent Potting Mat Portable Gardening Mat Garden Gifts for Women & Men

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  • ✅SIZE: 27" x 27" - Suitable for handling small potted plants or succulents, if you need to handle medium/large potted plants please choose the large or extra large size.
  • ✅FEATURES: Newly developed encrypted and thickened PE waterproof fabric, effectively eliminating the damage to it by frequent folding, thus enhancing the service life. Waterproof on both sides, smooth surface, easy to clean, quick drying, foldable, reusable and portable.
  • ✅WIDE USE: This waterproof mat is perfect for indoor & patio & lawn use for pot transplanting, fertilizing, soil changing, pruning, watering, nursery, herb garden, cleaning crafts while controlling dirt and keeping it tidy.
  • ✅EASY TO USE & CLEAN & STORE: The plant mat is easy to assemble, simply snap the 4 corners together to confine all the soil to the mat, and when you are done using it, simply uncover one corner and pour the soil out. Very easy to clean and store, and simple to fold or roll up to fit in your kit with your gardening tools.
  • ✅GARDENING GIFT IDEAS: The greatest idea of 2024, which makes indoor gardening easy and fun. No bending over! You can transplant potted plants from the bright and cozy kitchen counter. Without a doubt, this is the best gift for plant lovers.
  • ✅LIFETIME SERVICE: We attach great importance to product quality and customer experience, if you have any questions about the product, please contact HNXTYAOB customer service, we provide you with a lifetime warranty.

Product Description

We have improved this potting mat 8 times and now it solves almost all problems.

1. The only one on the market using thickened high-density material mat

2. Effectively reduce the damage caused by creases

3. Enhance the service life of the mat (more than 3 years)

4. Improved wear resistance

5. Enhance the waterproof (double-sided waterproof)

6. Copper buckle reinforcement (more than 3,000 cycles of use)

7. Well-made sewing edge process (enhance durability)

8. The surface of the mat becomes smoother, non-staining, easier to clean.

  1. The 26.8" x 26.8" square transplant mat is perfect for handling succulents and small potted plants.
  2. The 39.5" x 31.5" rectangular plant mat is perfect for handling medium/large potted plants and can also hold potting soil and potting tools.
  3. The 39.5" x 39.5" extra large square replanting mat is ideal for handling large potted plants and can also hold potting mix and gardening tools.
  4. Easy to fold and roll up. For easy storage, we equip you with 1 Velcro strap for securing the mats.

Tips for use: After buckling the 4 corners, pinch the 2 corners on the same side with your hands and stretch them to both sides so that the bottom of the tray can be quickly leveled. Then adjust the 4 corners to a lower position, you will find that the 4 sides will also stand up nicely and the tray area will be larger.

  • We have uploaded a video on the sales page to help you quickly master the skills of setting up the tray.

Why do you need it ?

  1. It becomes easy to grow more plants in a compact apartment. No delay in replanting or new plants due to messy scenes.
  2. Using it to transplant plants can help you save up to 70% of your time while avoiding potting soil and potting mix waste.
  3. This is the perfect alternative to newspaper and cardboard boxes.
  4. We provide you with a lifetime of quality service and are always responsible for your buying experience.
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Flat Size 39.5"L X31.5"W 27"L x 27"W 43"L X 29"W 26.8"L x 26.8"W 29.5"L X 29.5"W
Buttoned Up Size Approx 31.5" X 23.6" Approx 20.5" x 20.5" Approx 34" X 22" Approx 20.5" x 20.5" Approx 23.5" X 23.5"
Material PE Waterproof fabric PE Waterproof fabric Waterproof oxford fabric PE Waterproof fabric Waterproof oxford fabric
Color Pale green Pale green Dark green Orange Black leaf print

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